Shelby Hieter

COM 2011


Intro/Chapter 1-2

What is the difference between the World Wide Web and the Internet?

The Internet is the networking system that allows computers to interact together. The Word Wide Web is the information that can be accessed via the Internet.

Describe what happens when you visit a website. Your description should use and define the terms "IP Address" and "DNS."

A computer must have an ISP address (Internet Service Provider) to obtain internet connection. The DNS (Domain Name System) server enables your computer to find a website by pinging your ISP address, and then locating the website requested in your browser.

What is HTML?

HTML is the abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language. The hypertext refers to the ability to create interactive links, and the markup refers to the tags added to the HTML coding language/ HTML helps you display body and title information the way you want.

What is a tag?

A tag (or element) are the information inside the brackets (< >) of HTML code are used to format the layout of how the text will appear on the webpage (titles, sub-titles, paragraphs). A tag has both an opening and a closing, indicated by a forward slash.

How can you see how other web sites are built?

To access the HTML code of any website, right-click on the webpage and choose "View Page Source," or (at the top of your browser) go to the "View" menu, and select "Source" or "View Source."

What are the two most used and important kinds of structural markup tags? (Hint: they’re the first two discussed in the text.)

Heading and Paragraphs

What is the meaning and difference between structural and semantic markup?

Structural markup are the tags that indicate how your text, title, and body will be displayed. Semantic markup registers the emphasis of your text outlined by the use of the em and

blockquote elements.
The information given for the semantic markup makes it easier for search engines to reference your sites information.

What do you think about the textbook so far? What do you like? Anything you don't like. Please be very specific.

The book is very straightforward and easy to read. I was unable to follow the directions on pages 29-32 on a Mac using TextEdit. I saved the file as .html, but when I tried to open the file in my web browser, it continued to look like code.

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