Summary 4: Chapter 7
  1. In your own words please describe in detail what Figure 7.2 illustrates.

    Figure 7.2 illustrates how to best organize a style sheet layout. It is important to put the most essential information at the beginning of your layout so that smaller devices and SEO’s can quickly access the most vital part of a webpage, which is your HTML content. <

  2. According to the authors what are the three primary purposes of graphic design?
  3. In your own words, please define the seven principles described in the Visual Design Principles sidebar.

    Seven principles are related to how we perceive illusions, and how we organize shapes and patterns. The seven principles include:

    I cannot describe any of these in my own words, because I find it difficult to translate in terms of web design and organization. It is difficult to comprehend this subject with the examples given.
  4. Please summarize the hints, warnings, and suggestions the authors discuss regarding contrast and web page design.

    Be organized and consistent with your design. Images and colors are the first elements that are noticed by the human eye. Illogical and messy/busy layouts will only confuse readers.

  5. Describe all the things you can learn by carefully looking at and reading Figure 7.23

    The graphic does not make sense to me. I don’t understand what the red dots or different shades of blue actually represent.

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